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      Hi folks.

      I really could do with some advice / info on how other event videographers manage to create DVD’s on the day.

      I film a lot of ice skating competitions, now these events can be as much as a week long and 14 hours a day, meaning I have a huge amount of footage at the end of the event. Up to now I have been editing when I get back home and sending out the DVD’s via post. My problem is this is taking far to long to complete each event. Some of my customers have said they would prefer unedited footage without all the fancy menus etc on the day, basically raw footage as shot as they need it for training and need it quickly.

      I would need to create a "master" DVD for each competition at the event and then burn copies in a duplicator, competitions can be as short as 5 minutes or up to 1 hour depending on the number of competitors, at the end of a competition I would often only have 2 minutes before the next competition starts. I have looked at buying a DVD recorder with a firewire input and though about simply recording the camera output to the DVD recorder but having looked into this it appears that the DVD finalisation stage at the end of the recording is going to take more than the 2 minutes I have available before I have to start recording again.

      So basically how would you go about achieving this, is there some equipment out there that videograohers are using that I have not discovered, I cant be the only person who has to produce DVD’s quickly on the day.

      Any help, advice or pointers would be hugely appreciated.

      Many thanks


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      you didn’t mention volume…how many discs a day do you need to burn?
      if low volume here’s my workflow:

      Print my discs in advance with my logo and the event title.

      depending on what circumstances allow;

      a) video tape with camera teathered to my macbook, saving to a lacie rugged terrain firewire harddrive using Imovie. send it to idvd
      save and burn immediately when done filming.

      b) film unteathered, plug camera into set up above, click magic Imovie, and wait till it finishes the project in idvd.

      i use roxio toast for burning.

      with carefull filming, and a few presets in imovie you can get a srprisingly good "Auto" dvd very fast.

      try 2 laptops running two cameras, in that fasion. or use firestores to record, and laptops to render and burn.

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      Hi thanks for your input

      Volume varies considerably, an event usually will require between 70 and 140 DVD’s to be created of about 40 different competitions, this may be all in one day or spread over 2-5 depending on how the event is organised.

      My biggest problem with using laptops is the render time for creating the master DVD from the avi files, I use premiere pro and it can take an eternity to render the avi, no where quick enough for on the day.

      I really need to be able to record real time to DVD to create the master, I often will only get a 2 minute window between competitions, which is not long enough to finalize the DVD this is my main problem. I do have an assistant on a sales desk who would operate the duplicator so I am starting to think that if I bought 2 DVD recorders the same and sent the un finalized DVD to her she could finalize in her machine before putting it in the duplicator; not sure how this would work in practice, just a though milling around in my head from the feedback I have had.

      All this is starting to make my brain hurt…lol the technology must be out there to achieve this as I know others are doing it, just got to find the right route and dont have a lot of margin for trial and error.

      Thanks again, all input is appreciated and valuable.


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      DVDShop will allow you to capture directly and output to a multi-bay duplicator:

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