On Recording Audio at Wedding Ceremonies

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      Hi All. I own a Sony FX-1 which unfortunately does not have XLR inputs for mulitple mics.It only has a 1/4″ input jack so I imagine I’ll have to purchase a Beachtek box to add more inputs. I’m looking for advice on external mics so that I can pick up the vows clearly. I own a Azden 100WMS Pro system but the mic only picks the groom up, not the bride and minister. The Azden receiver would go to the input of the FX-1 but then you’re only picking up the audio on the altar and none of the background ambient sounds. I could purchase a Zoom or Edirol recorder but there’s no guarantees that theaudio will come out depending where it is place (or moved by someone for that matter!) in the course of the ceremony and how do you monitor that anyway during a wedding? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!


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      I would always try to film with 2 cameras. That way you can plug into 1 camera, your extermal mic(s) and the other camera will get ambient noise from the crowd. Generally, if you only have 1 lav mic and it’s on the pastor (priest, officiant, etc), you can still hear the bride and groom (you might have to boost the audio). If you are able to plug directly into the sound board (if this church or location has one), than do that because they should be able to give you a good mix.

      I always film with 2 cameras. The camera closest to the sound board gets the audio mix, while the other camera gets the audio from the crowd. You never know when you’ll get a bad mix from the board or a baby crying near your camera that is getting live audio from the audience. Try and think these things through as you set up. I don’t know how much you are charging for your work but I would start simple and work your way up with buying new equipment. Your job is to record the day, at the highest quality possible, but not break your bank doing it. Once you increase your profits, you can buy new equipmen. Most other professional wedding videographers have 2 lav mics and/or use available sound from the audience or sound board.

      Hope that helps. Check out my site for more help. http://www.ImproveMyVideo.com


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