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      Hello all –

      Has anyone bought a computer from onl ine dealers such as DVGear, Alienware,DV Shop or any other for that matter? If so, what kind of experience did you have? Were you happy with your purchase, was the service good, shipping and warranty satisfactory etc? Don’t want an off the shelf unit and lack skills to build myself. Thanks.


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      I don’t know about DGear or DVshop, but ANYTHING Alienware is gangster! I have an alienware laptop that I game on and use for pro tools and it is beautiful, fast and frankly the best computer I’ve ever owned or worked on (including this lovely new Mac I’m sitting on right now)..

      If you’re looking to get camera gear online, I would order from B and H (I think bandhphoto.com). B and H is a HUGE camera, lighting, accessory store located in NYC…

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      Hello bmills –

      Thanks for reply. I agree that Alienware has some impressive equipment but am a litle leary of them as their thing sems to be gaming of which I am not. The others I mentioned are pushing video editing of which I am. So feel a bit more comfortable with them which of course could be totally unfounded. I also agree thatB&H is a good outfit as have done business with them.Hope I can come up with something soon as old computer about to expire. Thanks again.

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      Well if it’s for video editing I would get the new macbook pro (laptop) or the new mac pro (desktop), upgrade the video and sound cards and up the RAM and you’ll be good to go.. FCP is the standard and it doesn’t work on a PC…

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