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      Hi, I just bought a Sony FX-1, so I was wondering what kind and brand of light I should get because I have seen the articles in the magazine use Frezzy brand. What model is better for my camcorder? Should I go for LED instead? If so, which one do you recommend? I am going to start shooting videos for weddings in 16 x 9. Also, a good lighting kit for my background when I take pictures for the bride and groom with their guests. Any suggestions will be helpful Thank you.

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    Hank, What do you think of the light you just mentioned, is it worth to spend $800 or I should just get a regular light.

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    Thank you. Here is another question, so what light will be good for low light conditions. For example, churches, chapels, etc. Soft or Hard light? πŸ˜•

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    you want to use soft light at weddings and only at the reception, never use lights at the ceremony, you are not outside doing ENG, you are creating a video memory. This is why it’s important to get cameras that can record well in most natural light situations.


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