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      I am starting to get serious about video, with a goal of being able to do some documentaries. For now my video equipment is very basic – A Canon HF11 consumer camcorder. I recently purchased a Rode videomic (and an adaptor since the Canon hot shoe is proprietory). I have been looking for some basic on camera lighting, something that can be very portable.

      A few LED lights interest me. Has anyone had any experience with Bescor products? There are very few reviews on sites like Amazon, and the few there are are not good. But if only one person reviews and gives a one star I am always a little suspicious, I like to see several reviews before I feel I can trust any of them.

      Litepanel and Dot Line also make similar units (I have been looking at 35W units). I have mainly been a still camera guy (I own Canon 7D and 5D Mark II) so I know I often need fill even in outdoors and for indoor internview my guess is on camera lighting will be needed. What appeals to me about the 35W LEDs I have been looking at is their portablity. I have plenty of lightstands so my thinking is I could add LED lights as needed. As of now my main reason for the lights would be for interviews.

      The Dot Line does not have any type of color correction filter, so I am wondering how important that will be. I know in still photography white balance is important for indoor shooting, and I usually set the white balance for my flash, or for daylight K. Being very inexperienced my thinking is a filther on a LED light could help balance the LED color temo to the color temp of the indoor lighting. But with flash, since my primary light is the flash, I use the daylight or flash color balance setting anyway so maybe the filter is not really a big deal.

      I am even worse then a video begginer, I just bought my gear and want to learn how to use it for film projects. Just like I did with my still photography, if I can have any commercial success I will upgrade my gear, but for now I want to make good use of what I have. This is my first post on this forum, actually I just discovered it today, so hopefully it will be helpful.

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      Wow, that’s pretty ballsy getting video gear with no background in video. I’m curious as to why you bought an HF11 when you have a MkII and a 7D. You’d be a lot more comfortable using those cam’s to learn how to shoot since you’re familiar using them.

      I started out as a photog before going into film & video. The mediums are very similar when it comes to composition, exposure and basic focus. Where the differences begin are that you take one picture of a subject in photography and thousands in videography that will represent movement and capture sound as well.

      Concerning your lighting issues, LED lighting would be a good option for you. However, white balancing in camera is your first line of controlling your video color temperature. The DSLR rigs you have should have good white balance controls and your consumer camera will also have basic white balance controls too. I strongly recommend you trawl through the free video tutorials on the VM site and take notes. From your description, you’re way behind the power curve with video and the tut’s will help you start to get up to speed.

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      thanks, I printed out a few of them and will look at them this weekend. What got me interested in video was a friend that had some projects lined up. I was going to use my dslrs but I thought a video cam may be a little better for some of the sports shooting I need to do for the projects.

      Because I work for a university I can take one on one continuing ed courses, so I have been taking a Premiere Pro course. We have been having trouble with the files coming from the Canon dslrs, and from reading other forums this is not unique to me. We are researching some work arounds. I just thought a dedicated video cam would be useful. It is pretty small so not that much of a big deal to add this to my bag. I did not want to spend a whole lot til I got my feet wet so I thought spending $480 on a refurbished Canon was not overdoing it.

      I started taking the video editing course mainly to take advantage of the filming capabilities of my dslr cameras. At first it was a little frustrating because I have been a still guy and any clips I have are from vacations or grandkids, not anything to get really excited about getting more gear and learning more. But after a few classes with my instructor and giving this some thought, I am getting excited about the possabilities. I am the type of person that wants to make a positive difference with what I do and I think documentaries could be very fulfilling for me.

      I will be reading as much as I can in this forum, I have seen many topics that will interest me. Hope you all are patient with newbies as I am sure I will be asking some dumb questions!

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