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      Hello all, I am new to this forum and new to video production, kinda… Anyway I am starting a wedding videography business and I have a Sony HVR A1u, and a Sony HD1000u shoulder mount. I was wondering if you guysand gals could help me? What are the best types ofon camera lights to buy. My budget is in the $150.00 range per light, I want 2? Do I need oneto fit in the XLR input in my camera?Or is a Lithium Ion battery the way to go? or ones with the power supply over my shoulder?Any pointers you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!!

      Ihope I posted this in the right thread!!!

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      I have seen some camera mount lights on ebay that use the same battery as your sony camera batteries which can come in handy.

      Just go to ebay and search on video camera light and you will find a large selection within your budget.

      I also recomend checking at the B&H photo website.

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      I’ve used several lights and would without a doubt recommend litepanels. They are dimmable, powered by double A’s, and no heat is involved. I realize it’s out of your budget but honestly save up it’s worth the extra cash. I have several friends who shoot weddings who use spotlights with a diffuser on the front, that could hold you over in the meantime.


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      thanks everyone, I have been looking into litepanels and heard soem really good things, and as far as ebay, I have seen some LED lights thats resemble the Litepanlels but aren’t a name bradn selling relatively cheap… I may try one of those out first and see how it goes. Thanks again you guys have been a big help!!!

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      Post up your results when you do get one. I am in the market for one too.

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      Hiya Rocky DM

      We supply a lot of equipment to wedding videographers, we use the PAG P6, the LED lightpane, and the new LED Ringlight,

      Whilst the LEDs are great and the Ringlite very good the PAG tends to be the most popular with camerent clients especially with wedding hire as the light fits on the top of the camera and you have a large battery that attaches to a strap that you can wear over your shoulder the benefit here is that the light output is much greater and you have a large rechargeable battery that should easily cover you at a wedding.

      The ringlite attaches to the microphone so no problem there on the sony A1 however the output from the light is not really good enough to light a dance floor at a wedding for instance, but they are good value and come with a mini set of filters.

      Good luck with the new venture


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