Old Pro back at it again, but I need your advise!

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      Hello everyone and thanks in advance for your help.
      I’m going to start back at video production once again after 15 year of retirement.
      I’m just doing this part time to pay for my racing habit. 😯

      The only things I’m going to shoot will be dance recitals, and things for local churches.
      To make this long plea for help short, I want some input on my ideas.

      For the dance recitals I’m planning on a 3 camera shoot and do a live edit mix.
      The cameras I have in mind would be JVC GY-X2B, mixer is a Panasonic MX30
      Bogen 3046 tripods with 3066 heads.

      What I would like to do is come out of the MX30 Y/C into a Sony RDR-HX900 DVD recorder and record onto the hard drive "160gig".

      My main sound would come from 2 wireless PZM’s and one hardwired.
      95% of my production will always be some sort of live edit switch on tripods and almost nothing from S-VHS, I still plan on running tape just as a back up incase something would go wrong.

      If anyone has an ideas on how I could do better without spending a mint on new equipment please speak out. If you feel this idea wouldn’t work and know of a better way once again please let me know.

      I have been kicking around the idea of using Sony EVW-300 instead of the JVC’s any input here as well is welcome.

      Once again thanks for your input and advise. 😀


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      Sounds good.

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      The Hi-8 camcorder will be better than the JVCs by a gnats whisker – assuming your JVCs have the usual lenses?

      The only snag I can see is the recording medium. I think you’re proposing recording on the hard drive of the DVD recorder? Be very careful as you may have issues with compression – DVDs and DVD hard drives need to compress the data to get sensible running times. This does limit what you can do afterwards. If the idea is to live switch 3 cameras (not easy on an mx-30) and then give the finished product to the client without furter editing, I guess that’s ok.

      The JVC cameras, via y/c to the mixer, and then to the recorder will subjectively give a very good picture – assuming the light levels are reasonably high. Mixing with Sony and JVC is always a little tricky due to the different type of picture.

      I do this kind of thing all the time – the biggest expense is the camera ops – you really need them, very important for dance. From time to time, I’ll use a static unmanned camera at the rear of the auditorium, but real people and comms I couldn’t do without. They need to be good as you’ll need to adjust exposure manually – dance shows being universally moody lighting prone!

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      Thanks guys for your input.

      Paul, I would either be using 3 JVCs or 3 Sonys nothing mixed together.

      Also I was reading that recording directly to a hard drive would product better results then to a DVD, and I could also transfer to my computers HD without any lost.

      The cable run would have to be BNC from the camera to the mixer because of the 125ft needed (farthest camera to mixer). When I was in production before I was always told never to run Y/C more then 20 to 30 feet, please let me know if things have changed.

      The Lens would be canon 13 or 14X for either the Sony or JVC

      Please let me know if you agree or disagree with what Ive read. (I love to hear the voice of experience)

      Once again thanks for your time and have a great holiday!!


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