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      just a note to more experiences editors whoare thinking about upgrading your equipment or cameras… even though you may be looking for more advanced stuff, what you have now may be perfect for someone looking to start up, especially computers that may have outdated software. anything is better than nothing for the rest of us..

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      I figured that to be true, but so far have not seemed to be able to interest people in the items I’ve mentioned here and there, in private messages, on the trade/sell forum, or on other forums. I prefer to not go the eBay route as I am simply not knowledgable enough to use it properly or handle how others might use it.

      I am soon upgrading to high def with computer, software and cameras. I am not certain yet if I will repurpose the G4 dual 1Ghz & FCP I currently use, or if I will sell it but…

      …I am eventually, sooner probably rather than later, going to be offering 1 Canon XL1, 1 Canon GL2, 1 Applied Magic ScreenPlay system, 1 GlideCam V8 stabilizer & vest system and 1 Mac G3 computer for “best offer” provided people understand that “best offer” doesn’t mean garage or junk sale prices/offers. While I am certainly open to offers, I am not so desperate that I’d “give” this stuff away to anyone other than my brother. 🙂

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      EarlC, how much are you asking for the Canon XL1? I am looking to get my first camera (likely after an engagement ring). I have had my eye on the Canon XL, but haven’t been able to pull the trigger. Depending on how long you’re holding on to the camera and how much you’re asking, I might be willing to take it off your hands when you’re ready.

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      Hey Augie, are congratulations in order, RE: the engagement ring? 🙂

      Here’s my dilemma. Selling “some” of this stuff, but not all of it will not generate what I need toward at least one, eventually two, of the HD camcorders for which I need to repurpose the proceeds. However, if some enterprising individual or group found a way to obtain ALL the items and split them out, selling off unwanted components, then I’d get what I needed, and the enterprising person(s) would hopefully work out what they wanted/needed and recoup their costs for the other stuff.

      Things CAN change, however, and some of these less HOT items could get sold, leaving the XL, etc. in hand. If that should happen I will post updates here, and on the equipment sale forum, regarding what’s gone and what remains on hand, and a better idea of what I need/want in order to obtain my goal by the end of 2009 – two Panasonic AVCHD HM-150 SD card recordable camcorders.

      My calculations, based on eBay and other pricing references, bring the total for 1 Canon XL1, 1 Applied Magic ScreenPlay system w/monitor, 1 GlideCam V8 stabilizer & vest system, 1 AG-460 Panasonic S-VHS camcorder system, 1 Panasonic AG-1960 S-VHS pro deck and 1 Mac G3 computer & monitor to the neighborhood of $4k-$5k, plus shipping.

      Individual values (subject to negotiation, of course) might be something like this: XL1. $1,500; ScreenPlay, $1,000; Stabilizer system, $1,000; AG-460, $400; AG-1960, $200; G3, $75. Some of this equipment is dusty, but everything works.

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      I’ve noticed the growing trend these last 10 years about what Earl mentioned concerning ‘start ups not wanting older gear’. I think part of the problem is so much of it becomes obsolete so quickly (particularly software) no one wants to get caught holding ‘old gear’. Which is really a shame. I’ve still got perfectly good high-end VHS recorders, High-8 cameras and older NLE’s in inventory because every now and then they come in handy (if for nothing more than props.) If someone shoots something on an old analog camera rig, it’s nothing to patch it into an analog/DV converter and off we go. I don’t think the camera and sofware company’s make the situation any better as they are constantly pushing new product and formats every 2-3 years. I do believe ‘old heads’ are more likely to see the value of used gear and the workarounds to keep them viable. Take the XL1 for example, it’s still an awesome camera and still good a choice as it was back when I took a tester out into field operations back in ’98. Yeah, you can’t do HD, 24p or take advantage of many new features much newer cameras offer. However, if you know the workarounds and tailor your footage to take advantage of it’s capabilities (Web and DVD primarily) it’s still an excellent starter camera (I guess everyone forgot 28 Days Later was shot entirely with the XL1.)

      I am personally wary of used gear unless it comes from a highly reputable source and at the time I started out I could neither afford used gear nor had any access to it. Things have definitely changed since ’99 and now there are massive outlets for used gear. The only time I ever see old computer gear getting used is for homemade render farms. One thing is certain, with the economy as it is people’s attitudes towards ‘pre-owned’ equipment and software will have to change.

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      just checking out of curiosity, EarlC, Any editing software on the G3? and what does it have in the order of ram? HHD?

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      Been awhile since I looked, and I’m kneedeep into some production, as well as preparing my newly arrived Mac Pro, and making room “what a concept” by dragging out some of the stuff I HATE to throw away – which is just about every video, computer and web magazine, every old pair of boots I probably ever owned (dunno why, guess I thought I’d eventually get them re-soled), clothes I haven’t worn in three years or longer, not to mention hundreds and hundreds of old vhs tapes, S-VHS master tapes, how-to videos for stuff that isn’t around any longer to want to know how to.

      So, sometime this next week I will fire it up and remind myself of what all was in that G3, and post the info. Even though you’re just curious, there might be somebody who could use one for whatever for a really, REALLY good price.

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      i noticed you forgot to put a price up for the gl2, (which i’m more interested in than the xl1) what kind of price would you ask for that? ive been looking for a good priced one for months now.

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      GL2 models continue to bring good resale value, ranging from $1,200 on up. Rare will one in good condition go for the budget range you mentioned on your GL1 post. A GL1, if it is in good shape, would serve you well, but it most definitely is NOT the camera the GL2 is. Actually, I would rather spend $650 or so on a newer model HDV camera such as the HV30 or newer HV40 from Canon, before I’d spend near that much on a GL!. Like you asked, too old.

      You could get lucky on ebay or some such, and find someone in a financial pinch, but I still doubt you’d get a GL2 for less than $1K US.

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      Hi Comp.

      >>Yeah, you can’t do HD, 24p or take advantage of many new features much newer cameras offer.

      Um, I don’t want to hijack this thread, but is this an appropriate place to ask what the big deal is, about 24p?

      Thank you,


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      I am seriously considering listing (2) Canon XL1s sd cams, in mint condition, and (1) Canon Xl1…. great for running a line to switcher; but has some head issues. Also a Videonics MX3000 Mixer with cables, and an ADVC-55 digitizer. I reckon the 2.33 17″ Macbook pro w/ FC Express, and 2 tripods would round it all off.

      Hoping to bump up to the new Canon LX300 HD cams. Difficult part is findin good places to advertise, and the best price scenario. Any ideas or advise?

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      Grinner Hester

      Here in STL, you can take your old e;ectrinics to the Cardinals game and get free tickets in trade for it.


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      too bad I don’t live out there, just got rid of some old vhs gear, mixer, time base corrector, decks and edit controller….. I almost shed a tear getting rid of it, made me quite a bit of money “a while ago”


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