OK, here I go. Basic questions help on VP9, please!

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      Hello everyone.

      OK, I’m notdone learning, butI need to uploada few short videos to YouTube and Vimeo in HD/H.264 by tomorrow night, and then embed themon my website. I have some training DVD’s by VASST and COD, but I am out of time, so ready or not, here I go. Can anyone please help me set the right project properties in Sony Vegas Pro 9?

      I recorded some footage on a Canon HF S10 in AVCHD at 30p, and converted it to .avi using Cineform NeoScene, so the files will be .avi.Data storage is on D:\. I’m pretty sure my machine can cut it (CoreDuo Quad at 3.0 GHz, 8GB RAM, 4GB ReadyBoost RAM,GTX 260, Vista x64 Ultimate, C:\ and D:\ in RAID 0, with external backups). My NLE is Vegas Pro 9 x32 (because Cineform x64 for VPro9 is still in Beta). At the moment I just need help setting the Project Properties.

      I opened a new project. In Project Properties, I have selected:

      VIDEO TAB:

      Template: Custom (1920 x 1080, 29.970 fps)

      Field Order: None (progressive scan)

      Frame Rate: 29.970

      Pixel format: I have a choice of 8-bit, 32-bit floating point (video levels) or 32-bit floating point (full range). Which do Ichoose/select? For the moment I put 32-bit floating point (full range), because that sounded like the best quality.

      For Compositing Gamma do I want 1.000 (Linear) or 2.222 (Video)? Default was 1.000, so I left it there.

      Full-resolution rendering quality I set to ‘best’.

      De-interlace method I set to ‘None’.

      Do I check “Adjust source media to better match project or render settings”?

      For the Prerendered Files Folder, VPro suggests: C:\Users\Video\AppData\Local\Sony\VegasPro\9.0\. Do I leave it there? Or should I create a similar folder on D:\ [Data] and use that? At the moment I just left it where it is.

      AUDIO TAB:

      I just left Master Bus Mode in Stereo (even though it will be mono/single microphone), 44,100 Hz, 16 bit. Sample and re-stretch quality I set to ‘best.’

      VPro gives me a default’Recorded Files Folder’ as C:\Users\Video [computer name]\Documents. Do I leave it here, or create a folder on D:\?

      I mustpost by tomorrow night. Any advice or suggestions you could give me would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help.


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