Ok, best semi-pro HD camera (new or used) under $1000

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      I just increased my budget from $800 to $1000. I am looking for a HD semi-professional video camera new or used. I can also wait a few months for new models to arrive. I will use this camera for shooting mainly indoor interviews. I will also use this for shooting a few outdoor interviews as well. Important features for me are: Good Low light performance, high picture quality and a 24p recording mode.

      Please let me know your recommendation!!

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      Maybe start by looking here and then see what you can find on eBay or Craig’s List (or your local newspaper).


      These start at the $2k range but you might be able to find one or more in a used condition at $1k.

      I still think you need to make those lists of features and then see what higher end consumer cameras fit your requirements. Or you could forgo the HD requirement and get a really good used prosumer SD model (Sony, Canon, Panasonic, others have really nice used cameras at that price point, albeit in SD).

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      If you are shooting in low light, try and research a bit more on camera which have the lowest LUX factor.

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      Hold off until you can access more budget. I’ll equate it to my early days of car audio in the mid 80s. I spent a lot of money on very temporary stuff before I ever sprung for a real system. I could have saved thousands if I would have just waited and gotten what I wanted. Same here. You can’t find a decent camera witht he features you are looking for for a grand but you can if you just wait until you have twice that to spend.

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