Ocean rumble noise with Sennheiser mic ME64 – urgent help!

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      I have a Sennheiser K6 module with a 64 mic. I recently recorded an event which was very close to the sea. There was also a fair breeze. I used a rycote softie to minimize wind sound. However, I have picked up a fair amount of sea rumble, although I can still clearly hear the dialogue. Two questions – is there anything I could have done to prevent picking up the ocean sound, and secondly is there a programme which I can wash the audio in to try and remove this rumble?
      Thanks for your help.

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      Depending on what type of audio you are trying to isolate (speaking, music etc.) you can use any program with an equalizer to silence the low frequency end which should get rid of the rumble. This should be fairly easy if it is dialog you are trying to keep. In the future, the solution would be to use a lav mic or something else you can get closer to the speaker (or audio source). The shotgun mic will pick up distant sounds like the ocean when you are not close to the subject.

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      Adobe Audition or Sony Sound Forge should be able to help you.

      Sony has a free 30 day fully functioning trial you can download to see if that works.

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