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      I attended the Summit on 10/14-15 in Manhatten, and I was interested in other attendees reviews of the weekend. Especially the all-weekend documentary track, which I originally wanted to attend, but filled up quickly.

      I arrived actually at lunchtime on Saturday, missing the first two sessions (ouch) due to T-storms in Las Vegas on my red-eye. A couple things I noted when I arrived Saturday:

      1. Location very easy to find and very centrally located.
      2. Lots of excited folks going to lunch.
      3. No packet / schedule / outlines for late arrivals. I had to aquire one that was left behind. Maybe have a stack available near the nametags for us unfortunate late folk?


      1. Pretty well organized. There were some DVD player glitches, but I feel the material the Lecturers wanted to convey was still shared, despite the logistics.
      2. Pretty impressed with the ‘Legalities’ session. The attorney who headed it knew his stuff.
      3. Video examples for the sessions seemed a little mismatched, sometimes causing a little confusion as the Lecturer tried to explain how the example related to what he had just taught. It seems that the supporting equipment / media should have been reviewed by the teaching staff prior to the event.
      4. Lighting 1 & 2 were good sessions, although the equipment setup time and logistics drew valuable time away from the Lecturer.

      Overall, I feel it was a good weekend. I really enjoyed hearing how others do their stuff, from wedding videographers to PSA’s, to documentaries. Good stuff. A little rough around the edges, but still good.

      Future Summit input (my .02):

      – How about incorporating a little attendee short subject viewing the first evening? I would definitely sit through 1 – 1/2 hours of my peers favorite produced short project (along with my own!). Maybe a 5min limit or so per attendee? Maybe a peer review / feedback sheet, giving some input back to the producer of each segment?

      – Have some product available to sell, not just order sheets. I would have loved to read a book or two on the flight back home.

      – Schedule the event when B&H Photo is open!!! (Just kidding).

      – Having been to countless IT related events, I could pick at some of the minutiae, but I won’t. I really enjoyed the weekend!

      Good Job VideoMaker!

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