NX5 and Ax2000 for 2 camera shoot..pic match?

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      Im thinking of the NX5 and AX2000 for 2 cam wedding setup, From what I read the internal workings are identical and should match up fine for 2 cam setups? Anyone use this setup?

      Thanks, Harry

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      They’d be the same to me, and for that $$ value it doesn’treally matter. They both shoot hq video to a common prevelance.

      Anyway, if it turns out dissatisifying, you can fix it in post.

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      In theory it should work. HoweverI have 2 Z5Us that I use, and they are the same camera. Each one shoots with a slightly different coloring than the other even when each have all the exact same settings – especially once you start adding gain. One you could say has a bit of a green tint to it, the other one a red tint to it compared to the other camera. Each camera alone give incredible picture. It is a bit annoying, but nothing that cannot be relatively easy to fix in post.

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      @Doublehamm, Thats strange? Do you set the white balance on each unit? Are the serial numbers close?


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      White balance is the same. Tried setting it via white card and both registered same temp. Tried also changing it to a value relative ot he outdoor setting to be the same. I have tried factory default settings and also a custom profile saved to a memory stick and loaded into each camera.

      Here is a test shot I did on a printed out picture on the wall. I apologize for posting this again – but I figure it is relevent to this post. All the colors match well except for the black on this poster. There is no black balance on the camera so I really can’t change that.

      The middle area is one camera, the top and bottom are the 2nd camera. The images labled color correction at the end are not heavily tweaked. It was a simple use of the dropper in Vegas finding the low – medium- and high. Gain is the real killer though – straight up with no gain it is a pretty easy and standard fix.


Viewing 4 reply threads
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