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      I just bought the Canon HF s10 and paid 1299. I didn’t tell my wife before hand, although I have since informed her of the purchase, while at a bar b que, surrounded by a large group of friendlies. I am glad to say the dog doesn’t seem to mind sharing the shed with me as long as I stay away from his dish.
      I mentiioned I paid 1299, but omitted I don’t know jack about photography. I figured out how to insert the battery and charge it. Hoo Hah! There, I am Done. For 1299 I thought some kind of Vulcan Mind Meld came with it. Not. Now I gotta read the friggin book. Jeesh.
      Pixels ? I thought pixels were those little elves that made Keebler cookies. This camera cost about two thousand dollars a pound, I think that might be equivalent to a Mazerati for goodness sake.
      There is a lot to learn and that’s why I’m here.
      I am surrounded by my ignorance, but will not give up, I’ll figure this thing out. I feel like that 101st airborne in the move ” Battle Cry” when asked to surrender to the Germans, their reply was Nutz. Vas is dis Nutz. That’s strictly negatif.

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