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      I have a client that I am doing a software demo video for. They are recording the screen captures in Camtasia Studio and we are setting up a story in the video, showing the software demo screens and doing a voice over. I am dropping the .avis from Camtasia and the voiceovers and other footage into a Premiere Pro 2.0 timeline. But, the .avis that my client is sending me, (and any test ones I do), render and come out of Premiere Pro with very bad quality. It seems Premiere is doing something to them. Even though I import an uncompressed .avi from Camtasia into Premiere and export from Premiere an uncompressed .avi, the quality is still poor.

      Adobe think that it’s becuase Camtasia dos not throw out a truly NTSC compatible AVI, (and the custom settings won’t match exactly). Therefore, it is trying to render the image best it knows how.

      I wondered if anyone knows of a screen capture program like Camtasia that will actually produce an AVI compatible with NTSC that I can throw in a timeline and will look good quality.

      Any insights anyone has would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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      Not knowing too much about this, I think I can at least steer you in the right direction.

      I read about this a while ago and if my memory serves me correctly, it has to do with the codec that Camtasia uses when creating the avi. file. I actually had to go to their web site (to many Bud Lights) to look it up and they use a codec called “TSCC”. If one computer composes that AVI file and then another computer tries to open it, unless that computer has that “TSCC” codec it will look all messed up.

      Go to their and you might fine more info.

      The link below however takes you to where I think you might find an answer.


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      Thanks for the link. I did actually have the TSCC on both machines and still got the problem.

      I cannot seem to find anyone who has needed to do a software demo, record it with Camtasia studio, and then put it in a timeline in a video editor with no loss of quality. Camtasia does not seem to have a setting that is optimized for NTSC.

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      Then it could be two other possibilities. Maybe it has to do with the resolutions being used. Their website was talking about resolutions and how the apply and affect playback.


      It has to do with conforming that avi file into the two seperate fields needed for creating your NTSC formatted video.

      I’m sure there has to be a workaround available. Maybe contact their tech support and they could set you up.

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