NOW is Time to Market Preschools

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      Those of you who live in service areas having a bounty of preschools, now is the time to fire off a batch of direct-mail postcards offering special holiday video production of their end-of-year programs. Work once, sell many (or some, your mileage may vary).

      Do a Google search to find preschools in your service area, get addresses, mail postcards, make money!

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      Sounds like a good idea. I’m going to have to look into this sort of thing. Working on some assisted living homes right now.

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      Fred, my blogs always end with this: If you market, you will make it Earl Chessher, and it is so very true. What happens is most of us get too busy to market, then when we’re NOT too busy to market, we desperately NEED to market because NO business is coming in, creating a gap between good business levels and nothing. That’s NOT a happy place to be. Being an independent I’ve found that there actually is a happy medium between marketing and working the business.

      It does require both, simultaneously and persistently, to get the momentum necessary to survive in any economic times, especially THESE!

      So, that being said, the single most effective approach I’ve found for maintaining a consistent marketing strategy while doing whatever business DOES come in, while generating MORE business and reaching out to other potential production avenues is what I call a specific interest postcard. I’ve written about this on my blog at E.C. Come, E.C. Go.

      I determine if I want to pursue school performances, martial arts studios, dance studios, pre-school holiday programs, school or community theater performances, church programs, or any other INTEREST SPECIFIC group and send out anywhere from 25 to 100 postcards (the half-page – 5 1/2 ” by 8 1/2″ size requiring a 1st class stamp) where I virtually ALWAYS get at least one new gig per batch. Why? Because I am sending out specific information, based on my services proposal to a specific group of people or businesses having a specific interest. I try to appeal to that specific interest and other than mailing out thousands of pieces and wasting thousands of stamps to get an industry standard 1 percent response (NOT business, just a response) I actually enjoy as high as eight percent response and virtually ALWAYS get at least one money-making gig from those short, sweet mailouts.

      So “do”able and so effective and so easy to mail out the occasional batch. I find my addresses and subjects doing the usual Google search, and do live in a dense demographic with a wide range I’m willing to travel to get the gigs, so that does help. But it can be worked virtually anywhere, in spite of the population or density. Because I am focusing on a specific interest instead of simply trying to do a general mailout I get positive returns.

      This is always worth trying. I made it a point to average at least one postcard a day every day (mostly I go over that, mailing a minimum of 50 pieces a month) a couple of years ago and have mostly been able to maintain some consistency in business. There will always be banner months and famine months but I’ve reduced them and hope to eliminate that condition altogether. Because the other condition of maintaining a direct mail interest specific strategy is that you continue to get your name out there for visibility and linkage and brand awareness.

      People WILL keep your postcards. And when there’s a need, or when their current video services provider bites the dust, abandons them, or simply makes them unhappy they’ll pull out that card and call, especially during an “emergency” with an event coming up sooner rather than later. Isn’t that always when people call – tomorrow, wanting it shot yesterday and delivered today? 😉 Potential new clients will also visit your website, guaranteed, and you’ve established new eyeballs for more awareness, especially if they see something they like, or that impresses them.

      And that, my friend, is another story – what about a website “impresses” the visitor?

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