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      Generally speaking, it appears that the vast majority of posters here are into video for reasons OTHER than making money. This is NOT an indictment. I only note my observation because most posts seem to be about a hobby, fun, experimental, creative or entertainment project and not so much about how to generate income with your video efforts. I ask similar and related questions from time-to-time but thought it might be time to inquire once again. What is MOST important to you regarding your video endeavors?

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      Earl, I have to admit that I like all the reasons that you just posted on but the primary reason is to make some money. I love to push myself to see what I can come up with, so I experiment. I also think it is fun and I love to be creative. I need to come up with a demo real one of these days though, just not sure how to go about it with such an eclectic types of videos that I have produced. Ranging from real estate, heavy metal music, to industrial / informative vids. I am not getting the inspiration or inclination of how to put all those together into a coherent demo real.

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      I hear ya, Charles. My current “Celebrate Life” demo isn’t necessarily all that and a bag of chips, but it does reflect the diversity of what I do commercially, or offer in general. I wanted to do something that offered a glimpse into the wide range of productions I have experience doing. Here’s that demo, compressed for the Web, from my website. I also use this on my direct-mail distribution DVD that also contains extended samples of many other categories.

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      That is pretty good Earl. When I do mine would you mind if I bounced it off you to see what you think?

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      Hey Earl,

      For me it boils down to doing the work I love and making my living at it. I do the occasional no-budget project to keep my chops up, but this stuff is too expensive to be a hobby that doesn’t pay for itself….

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      Would be delighted, Charles. Giterdun!

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      You make a valid point, Wolfgang. Tis expensive, if you want to keep up with the technology, or even try.

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      I don’t for a moment consider myself to be the best out there, but most of what I shoot is for money/commercial. With that being said, I also love what I do and need to find time to do more just for the fun of it. I do some pro bono work for what I consider to be good causes to push myself and that helps to keep my “creative” side satisfied to a certain extent.

      If anyone is interested, below is my showreel from 2010. Most of the stuff in there was NOT paid work, as I was just getting started. I’d like to think that I’ve improved since then and produced a cooking show for about 10 months which was fairly well-received and am doing much more commercial work as a result.


Viewing 7 reply threads
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