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      My Co.’ recently picked up a high-end laptop that handles HD footage with relative ease both with playback and the viewing itself. It has a Blu-Ray player and to test it out I picked up some Blu-Ray movies. Two things really ‘torqued me’ about what I’ve seen so far. The so-called ‘higher resolution’ on these touted discs aren’t any better than what I’ve seen on remastered ‘uprezzed’ DVD’s. Especially for the money. On top of that, what happened to putting ‘Special Features’ on Discs? Used to be you couldn’t get a DVD without them. Blu-Ray was supposed to have so much more informational space available, that the special features would go beyond anything you saw on DVD. Have you seen the SF’s on the LOTR basic discs let alone the ‘Director’s Cuts’? What about the Director’s cut for “Kingdom of Heaven” (2 whole DVD’s packed with more info than you would have ever asked for!) What special feature’s came with James Cameron’s “AVATAR”? Zip. Not even on the Blu-Ray disc did you get so much as a ‘Director’s Commentary’.

      Now in fairness, I paid $20 bucks for the “Master and Commander”/”Castaway” pack and barely got two trailers between them (okay on MC there were some minor SF’s but I could have seen that on DVD. Still didn’t get any featurettes.) So despite having all of the new ‘whiz bang’ tech Blu-Ray is supposed to have, it only looks marginally better on a HD capable screen, no real special features to speak of and it costs more than traditional DVD’s? Oh, if you actually want to see the ‘real power’ of Blu-Ray Discs that’s gonna’ cost $40 bucks or more for a disc. Why didn’t you say so?

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      There are no special features on the “Avatar” BRD so that people will buy the “Special Edition” when it comes out in 3 months to coincide with the re-release of “Avatar” in the theaters with 3 extra minutes of footage. Which will also be released on BRD 6 months later, and again 6 months after that (with additional footage). If George Lucas taught me anything, it’s that re-packaging an old product will get morons to buy another copy of it at a premium.

      BRD has to be on its way out.
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      BRD sales are lackluster because of cost, the economy, and a perceived quality that isn’t worth the extra money – especially when an upscaling DVD player will bring your old DVDs to a similar level of quality.Physical media is on the way to becoming a dinosaur struggling for relevancy. The fact that TV sets come with capability to stream HD movies built in should tell you what the TV manufacturers think about the future of BRD.

      Alright soapbox. I’m done…

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      i must say, i was at a friend’s place the other day watching an SD movie on an HDTV and I couldn’t see any quality issues. And I’m picky. In fact, it wasn’t until half way through the movie that I realized it was an SD DVD on an HDTV…

      I’m surprised you didn’t see much of a difference though. I heard Planet Earth looks amazing on Blu-Ray

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      I haven’t been able to tell much difference either, Seems most people I talk to agree that the picture is some better but it isn’t enough to pay the difference for (audio does seem to have a little more depth though). Makes me wonder why I paid so much for an HD camera. Maybe I should just send along an ‘uprezing’ DVD player with my projects….just kidding of course!

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      It may not be so noticeable but watching Avatar on my kids PS3 on the big new Samsung LCD (65″) was amazing – Far better looking than the cable HD channels.

      Just got the Sony E770W (just need the time to rewire everything and run cables) so we’ll see how that looks with burned BD as opposed to uprez’d burned DVD.

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      “Far better looking than the cable HD channels.”

      haha, television is just going to look worse and worse as time goes on. It’s not even worth buying – whether it be SD or HD. Especially since there’s so much on the web these days. PBS has so much on their website…if you’re into that sorta content.

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      “I’m surprised you didn’t see much of a difference though. I heard Planet Earth looks amazing on Blu-Ray.”

      Rob, it is amazing! I watched it in my “home theater” with an HD projector…. Earth on BR is just BREATH TAKING!

      Personally, i am impressed by Blue Ray. I mean, it is a little expensive right now, but i am pretty sure that in 6 months, it is going to be cheap enough so that everybody will have one. It is amazing, and i dont deny that.

      We all shall worship Blue Ray! πŸ™‚

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      Shippo – I agree about pricing.

      I recently got a LiteOn BD burner for $150 (OEM, meaning little software but DVD Architect supports it fine). I have also seen inexpensive BD players (Costco, Best Buy, etc…) and am sure there will be $100 players this Xmas. Even the blank discs, while not as cheap as DVD+-R’s yet, are coming close to $1 each in quantities (I remember $5 per CD/R not that long ago – like 15-20 years).

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      “We all shall worship Blue Ray!”

      Well Caio, count me as the first ‘Blu-Ray Heretic’. Eleven years ago when HDD and Blu-Ray first started making their debuts, I personally thought better of HDD tech. However, this time Sony beat the ‘Betamax Curse’ and came out on top. Funny though how with BM, the better tech lost and this time the lesser won through marketing.

      Yeah ‘Cat I remember those days when you weren’t allowed to dream about burning your own CD’s or LP’s for that matter. Now you can do either as an OBTW. Now, I’ve seen footage shot in HD that looked pretty good on BR, but that’s what it was intended for. “Planet Earth” was primarily shot in HD so I’m not surprised it would look spectacular in its original format. Looks pretty awesome on uprezzed DVD too! Film on BR, I’m just not impressed.

      I’m certainly not looking forward to the time Kenzo implied where there is no more physical media. Just like the way books, record albums and print media are going for those of us who remember and enjoyed the ‘physicality’ of holding your intended choice and looking it over, those days will be gone. Guys like young Caio will never have known the joys of picking up girls at Tower Records, HMV and others because all the big media corps will have went the ‘iStore’ way. Yuck.

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      I used to take a day off from work and peruse the Tower Records outlet…

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      “I used to take a day off from work and peruse the Tower Records


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