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      What is the standard practice for getting good audio in Premiere Pro? I’ve shot several interviews which I am placing over background music for a promotional video. Most of the sound quality is good but I want to “normalise” the audio of all interview clips so that they are consistent across the board and loud enough to be set above the background music. What is the upper peak (in decibels) I should not be going above? Does anyone have a guideline on where my levels should be for the spoken word and for background music to get a good mix? Where should I begin? – are there standard settings I should be applying to all of my clips before I begin?

      Many thanks for your help.


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      Bring them all into SoundBoothand in the Task panel there is a section called volume correction. Drag all the files into there and click the botton and you are pretty much done.

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      Thanks – never used Soundbooth. Worth giving it a go now! Any way of fixing audio on projects I have already edited in Premiere Pro – can the audio already imported to the timeline be fixed using Soundbooth?

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      You can find tutorials here:

      Do a search with “volume normalization” and you will get a list of tutorials that might help.

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      The best way to get good audio in Premiere is to get it in the field or on-location! Audio just like video is ‘crap in, crap out’. Soundbooth isn’t too shabby for fixing audio that needs tweaking but life in the edit bay is so much easier when you get clean audio during the shoot. Take the time to check levels in the field and use a good set of headphones whether you’re using a portable mixer or in-camera sound. It will save you grief later.

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      What I do to normalize audio in Premiere is right click an audio clip > select audio gain > normalize all peaks to 0db or anything you need. This works pretty well, but you need to constantly check the audio mixer and audio master meter because sometimes using this method the audio can go over the normal levels.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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