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      I have recently bought myself the SonyHVR-HD1000U video camera. My plan was to use a memory stick instead of tapes. So I order a SanDisk Video HD Memory Stick PRO Duo, however, I can only take pictures with it. It says it can hold 120 minutes worth of HDvideo. Is this card only capable of taking pictures? Ifso how can one take video from tape and put it on computer?I’m sorryifI’m notexplaining the problem correctly,I’m new to these HDcameras.

      Thank you,

      House of Brouse Productions

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      I just like sticking to the good old fahion way of capturing via firewire. πŸ˜‰

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      Hey HouseofBrouse,

      On mycamera (vx2000)Ihave a switchtorecordto miniDVtapeortomemory stick. Yourcamera mighthaveasimilar switch?On minethereisa littlethingtoblockrecordingtomemory stick (tomakeiteasierto just flipthe switchto thetapeposition),so maybe yourcamerahasthis also?

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