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      I have a client that wanted a new commercial for his Jewelry store and asked me to shoot and edit as he had the script and actors. As it turned out the new version of the commercial was almost the same as the past two commercials shot by another company — just updated.

      After shooting the spot in two locations and delivering 3-different version of the 30-second spot , the owner did not like the actors (that he chose) and did not want to air the commercial. I submitted additional treatments to let us produce/direct the project but he wanted to go with his idea and direct it as he has done in the past.

      Now, I have a :30 commercial spot that he does not want to air, but has been shot and edited, at least the review edit — not final version which would only be about another hour to finish.

      My question is:

      What percentage of the project should I charge him? He should pay for the production and the post-production time that was used to produce the preview version..

      Thanks for your help!!


      — This is the last time I let him try to direct a project — he knows how to sell Jewelry and I produce videos.

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      In my opinion, you’re not charging based on whether or not a project airs. You’re not even necessarily charging for the techniques use to make the video. You’re charging for your time and experience. So whether or not he, or any client, wants to use a video you’ve created, you charge them for the number of hours you’ve put into the project.

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      Hey Rob,

      Thanks for the reply and this was pretty much how I have been thinking about moving forward with the invoicing but just wanted to get another opinion. Thanks again!


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      Hi Allen,

      I agree with Rob. Not airing the commercial has nothing to do with how much time you spent producing it. If it were me, I’d knock off about 10% of the cost just to show that you are still in the game with your client but act as quick as you can to get all your money for the first commercial. The last thing you want to do is take the time to produce another commercial just to get a similar outcome…two spots the client doesn’t want to air and no money in your pocket to show for it. Good luck.



      Kris Simmons

      Founder –

      Owner – 6 STRONG MEDIA

Viewing 3 reply threads
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