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      Hello. Seeking advice, here.

      I recently shot a short film on a Panny HVX-200 (in HD 720 / 24p). Didn’t realize until halfway through the shoot that the gain us turned all the way up. Unfortunately, a reshoot isn’t possible, and we couldn’t do it that day either due to fading daylight. The scene is set outside and for the most part, it’s all right. However, for at least two shots, the noise created by the gain being up is very noticeable – particularly in the hair of the brunette leading lady.

      I’m editing on the latest version of Final Cut Pro, and am slightly less than desperate to figure out how to improve the image quality. I’ve tried some freebie “grain reducer” filters that have had little to no effect. The other option, changing the rest of the footage in some way or obscuring all of the footage in some way (like, say, intentionally adding grain / noise and making it look like an older film) isn’t really feasible for this type of short.

      Of course, I realize I may just be screwed here. But if anyone’s had any luck with reducing grain in FCP, I’d deeply appreciate advice!

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      I’m guessing by “noise” you mean “visual noise.” You probably need a third party plug in:


      It will cost you some money, but these plug-in is still very useful even if you shot on +0dB gain. You will probably use it on every video.

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      Yep, visual noise – thanks!

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