no picture anymore, what happened ?

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      Hello, I am new to this forum, and I have a JVC GRDF-450 mini DV recoreder/camera. Long story cut short I can’t view anything on the scope or the monitor. I used it to take some pictures and about a week later I turn it back on battery charged and absolutely no picture comes up . πŸ™

      Please help me fiqure out what could have happened . It is under warranty but I have little time to try to get it to a service center. Thanks .

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      There could be many reasons.

      Since this is a duel purpose camera (photo/video) check to make sure you have the camera turned on to the correct media setting.

      Is there media loaded?

      I have to ask but is there a lens cap involved? X-D

      Is the battery seated correctly?

      Im not familiar with that camera but usually if nothing works it could have something to do with the battery OR there is some kind of standby or lock switch that is turned on. A standby switch is just a switch that temporarily disables the camera to conserve power while still remembering the settings you have in it. It could even be a button too.

      If its none of the above the camera could be bad.


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      I wanted to also mention , the problem pretty much occured after I took my memory card to a local COST CUTTERS store and printed some pictures. I was wondery if a bug or virus could have been loaded causing the lens to malfuction. I no you guys don’t have the camera but I just trying to see if anyone had similar problems with their camera/camcorder.

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      I went and looked up the camera on the JVC site, and the number one thing on their specifications has me thinking.

      It lists the camera as having a single 1/6" CCD. What does this mean? In short, it means that you have a very small, fragile CCD in this camera.

      The CCD provides the picture to your camera. With such a tiny CCD, it’s going to be super sensitive to shock. It could also just go out for no reason, as happens from time to time in CCD cameras.

      It might be a possibility that your CCD board is shot. This would explain why you don’t get any picture in either video or card mode.

      There is one way to test this theory. Put the camera into playback mode, and insert a video tape you’ve already recorded onto from when the camera was working. If you can see the video on your LCD/viewfinder, then the problem has something to do with your video capture.

      If your CCD board is shot, you might as well get a new camera. It would cost you about the same as the $550 to buy the camera new to replace it, and if one thing has gone bad, you might just have lemon on your hands anyway.

      A word of advice: Don’t go with JVC. My wife was going to Cambodia on tour (she’s a singer when she’s not a nurse), and I couldn’t send her along with the pro gear, so I got a fairly high-end JVC consumer grade camera for her to take. I liked that it had white balancing and manual controls, so she could get good shots, despite the non-pro camera. Before she finished her first tape, the camera gave her errors, and was rendered useless on the rest of the trip. What’s worse, this particular camera, though it records onto MiniDV, apparently didn’t use the same format my Sony and Canon cameras use, so now I have a dead $600 camera AND no video from her trip, because the tape wasn’t recorded on industry standard MiniDV specs.

      A consumer grade Sony camera will do just fine for consumer needs, and I’ve never had a problem with them. In fact, until just recently, I still had one of the first generation 8mm casette (not hi-8 or d-8 ) Sony "Video 8" camera from the late 80’s. The reason I gave it away was simply because it had a crappy image quality, but it still worked! That’s a 20 year life span! Of course, thre were several dead pixels on the CCD, and the whole image had the look of a paused tape, even though it wasn’t, but that sucker just kept going. Canon has some nice cameras too, but really, next time, I would suggest avoiding the JVC’s if you can.

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      I have a warranty on the camera, and if you are right , I pretty sure the replacement part shouldn’t cost much with it being made in MALAYSIA and JVc paying their dirt cheap wages.

      As far as video play back , yes it shows the memory card pictures and the mini vhs recorded video.

      I will get to a shop ASAP with my receipt in hand and then I will see what the damage to my wallet will be after getting an estimate.

      Thanks again , sorry you lost money on your JVC mini.

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