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      Using a Pinnacle DC 10+ capture board to download

      a Video Cassette there is no color.

      I tried both Composite and S-Video but the results are always the same.

      Where could the problem be?


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      From what i could gather from both Pinnacle & user forums, the DC 10+ interface isn’t really being supported anymore.

      There is some mention being made about the color “washing out” during the transfer. So if your videotape was shot in low light and weak color, the capture could have just lost the rest of the color. While no other mention of color problems was mention, users universally spoke about software problems during the capture. Especially with Windows XP Service Pack 2. Pinnacle does have driver updates that some say returned full functionality. But a lot of folks just gave up.

      Hope this helps. If you have more questions, some background data would be essential for trouble shooting. Like, “Has it worked in the past?” “Does every tape you have go to B&W during capture?” “Do you have the updated drivers installed?” “What software do you use to capture your MPEG video?” “Have you tried another VCR with the same results?” Just saying something is broken or not working right will not give us enough facts to track down the possible problems you’re having.

      Since you describe the analogue to digital capture as a download, it appears you’re new to this field. So just enter “Pinnacle DC10” into your favorite search engine & there are a number of user forums and Pinnacle’s web support you can also search. Or post your question where everyone is already discussing the capture device.

      Hope this helps and let us know either way.

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