No Audio when output to camcorder

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      thank you for the quick response. I use firewire connected to camcorder from my computer. It use to work fine this way. I may be changing something or I don’t know what happened. When playback with no connection to camcorder or other deck, I am able to get the sound/audio…..thru the computer speakers. Again thank you and looking for your further help.

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      when playback, Audio is fine. When connected to camcorder/vcr, no audio at all. The audio meter showing ok but whenever I tried to output by connecting through Firewire…no audio. I use premiere pro 2. Can you please help. Thank you.

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      I’m an FCP user so I may not be able to help much but it sounds like a simple matter of re-routing the audio via the Firewire output – somewhere in your audio preferences within Premiere.

      Where is the audio being output to when you are editing? Is it via a soundcard or some other audio device? If so, then you probably just need to re-route the audio when you record the output.

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      One of my pro Panasonic camcorders gets finicky when playing mini dv tapes recorded in stereo. Changing cam setting to mono or output to one channel – it clears the issue and audio gets captured.

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      Let me explain in a different way where my problem is: i capture the footage with no problem on audio and video. the problem is, when i tried to connect it to output the final product from my computer to vcr or camcorder, no audio is coming to the camcorder or monitor. The picture is there on camcorder/monitor through the firewire connection…but not audio. where do you think is the problem.

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      It is very difficult to help you without seeing your setup. Have you checked those Audio output preferences yet? Perhaps audio is set to output to your computer speakers and not via Firewire.

      Also, check the audio settings on your camera to make sure audio recording is enabled via the Firewire input.

      Is there any way you can send another audio signal to your camera, either through another piece of software of from another camera or device? This could eliminate the camera or the computer from being the source of the problem.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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