Nighttime racing problem.

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      This might be due to the camera I selected. I have a Sony HVR HD1000N. When the sun goes down and the lights go up I loose color definition and the footage is grainy.

      I guess manually setting the white balance to the lights will help the color but what can I do about the grainy footage? Videos are at:

      Any thought would be appreciated.


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      are you shooting on Auto? If you are, your camera is probably boosting the gain.

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      I don’t know the camera, but many better quality cameras offer a manual override of the auto gain where, I suspect, the primary portion of your problem lies. Instead of leaving it up to the camera to figure out the setting (usually with maxed gain, creating the poor coloration and grainy footage) go manual and do not boost your gain more than, maybe plus 3 dB. Anything higher begins to introduce way more grain than most semi-pro and professional shooters, using quality gear, are willing to accept.

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      Grinner Hester

      It’ll always get grainy with the ugly stick on (18db). Sometimes it’s simply required. I don’t mind it. Grain and dark go hand in hand in my melon. You’ll find a slower shutter speeds allows more light and you’ll have less grain at the expense of more trobe. Again, I don’t mind that either. I do it on putpose when shooting music videos and certain motorsports.

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