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      I have a sony DCR-HC1000 and am having trouble shooting at night. Everything is always really dark. Is there a feature on my camera that will make things brighter… Like night shot? CNET says that my camera has this feature, but i cant seem to find it. If my camera doesn’t have nightshot what can i do to make things brighter?

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      I am not familiar with the HC1000 but most Sony camcorders have night shot. You must have the manual? It is your best source of information on how to use your camcorders features.


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      Most new cameras have NightShot these days, but you really shouldn’t use them unless you want your videos to look like “The Blair Witch Project”.
      You either have the proper lighting to do video, or you don’t. It’s as easy as that. This NightShot feature on consumer cameras is just a big fat marketing lie.

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      Depending on how far your subject is, take a look at the Panasonic DVC30. It has a b&w night feature that works quite well.

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      My advice is to shoot in the daytime and to correct for a night looking effect.

      I can’t think of all the tricks to it off the top of my head but the basic ones are to have the sun behind the talent so there is a splash of moonlight on their shoulders.

      But just do some searching on the net and i am sure you will find something.
      I will look around myself as i haven’t picked a good color correcting book to buy yet.

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