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Night shoot lighting.

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    Hello friends! I am new in here. And in this post I want to know how to create a good night scene with sufficient lighting. I am not able to watch the latest video available for this purpose. Please share knowledge with me. Illustrations are invited.

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    Best lighting for a ‘nighttime scene’ is the Sun! Much easier to shoot clean (no filters) ‘Day for Night’ and darken the footage in post. If you must shoot at night, use either a camera with serious low-light capabilities (minimal or no gain) like one of the Canon or Nikon HDSLR’s (6400 ISO or better.)

    Without a sensitive camera, your primary alternative is to use lights, maybe lots of them depending on the size of your location. If you don’t have access to AC power on location, then you’re going to have to bring your own power. That means generators and enough fuel to keep them running during the entire time you need them. Here’s a link describing how to determine what size generator you’ll need.

    Part of the equation you’ll use is; how large a scene you’re planning to light / how many lights x wattage required = Total wattage required. If you’re lighting a large area for example, you’ll need a bank of 1000w lights.

    There are also ways to use DIY gear like worklights and such, instead of dedicated film/video lighting. They’ll work fine and be cheaper, but since they were never intended for such work, there will be a number of safety and creative lighting control issues you’ll have to deal with.

    If you’re not ready, willing or able to deal with any of the above when it comes to night shooting then my suggestion is save yourself the headaches and shoot Day for Night.

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    As Composite one said, shoot during the day and if possible, use an overcast day to keep shadows down.

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    I guess if you’re into the whole Clash of the Titans vibe (the original).

    I like shooting at night. My lighting revolves around the mood I’m wanting, just like lighting during daylight hours. I like small batter powered LEDs a lot for obvious reasons and a little diffusion and warm gelling will cure all that ails ya with em.

    Faking nigh shoots on the daylightjust can’t be pulled off due to harsh shadowing that you’d not have in the dark. If shooting in pitch blackness, man you’ll be surprised how far a little bounce goes.

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    “Faking nigh shoots on the daylightjust can’t be pulled off due to harsh shadowing that you’d not have in the dark.”

    That’s why so many flicks shot that way always have a Full Moon shot dropped in to suspend belief. I don’t mind shooting at night if the tools and power (hard or portable) are available. Most times though you’re short both.

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    With so many on the cheap battery powered options today, that’s just not the case anymore. Toting some Moles and a generator back in the day could talk some directors into shooting in daylight for audio reasons alone. Today it’s as easy as skipping a light kit and heading to the woods with cheap bicycle headlights from walmart and some regular old printing paper for bounce and diffusion. Duct tape can be your stands. lol

    damn truth. Creativity will trump budget restrictions everytime.

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    “Creativity will trump budget restrictions everytime.”

    True that. Still need a camera with decent lux or ISO to work with ‘short lights’. But you are right about what can be done. I would rather a rook roll with D4N if he/she didn’t have someone experienced with night shooting at their back.

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