Night lighting tips?

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      Just wondering if anyone had any tips for shooting at night. We’re filming in a forest-type area (fair few trees, shadows.), with no artificial light (ie. street lamps etc (though will be a first quarter moon)) other than 2 red heads, 1 Arri and if needed, car lights. Just wondered if anyone had any suggestions on what would be the best way to light, and any tips, tricks or suggestions.


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      Shoot during the DAY with the sun BEHIND your subjects. If you need to, use reflectors or your lights to bounce light onto your subject(s) face(s) so all of your image is properly exposed. When you get to post, do day-for-night color correction.

      This will give you much better results than shooting at night. No one actually shoots at night.

      It wouldn’t be a bad idea to first test out my advice either….

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      Two thoughts: building on what robgrauert said, check out this article: I haven’t tried that yet but look forward to this summer.

      Also, depending on your storyline, what effect you’re going for, etc., you might try night vision. It’s pretty realistic and some audiences are accustomed to it (hunting shows I see use it all the time). I’ve used it here and there and I like it–hours of it might be a bit much, but if you’re doing a blair witch type project it might be just the ticket. (You can create the same effect in post, though.)

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