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      I’m striving to shoot a short, small documentary (mostly as practice for doing larger ones later on) this summer and, while I have various ideas, I don’t know what the next step would be. In other words, how should I go about organiziaing the documentary and making those ideas good for the film?

      I’ve done fictional movies before, and usually I always did first a script, and then maybe a shooting plan with all the shots, shot descriptions, etc.

      However, obviously, for a documentary, this can’t be done because the production of the film decides the script later on.

      So anyway, what would be my next step; basically, is my question.



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      Take a look at the ‘Serious Advice for Aspiring Doc Makers’ thread under Production Techniques. It has some really good tips on what not to do when producing your documentaries. Worth the price of reading.

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      Hey thanks for the links!

      Great help to be found. Thanks!

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      Instead of having a script, it would be helpful to make an outline. As you research and find information, figure out what it is you want to show and tell your audience. Not knowing what kind of documentary you’re making its hard to give specifics… but as you get interviews, etc. Try to envision what you want your documentary to look like and what you want it to say. Then ask the questions, and get the shots to make it happen.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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