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      hello there, i am on the verge of purchasing the newtek tricaster 850 complete bundle for my live production. i produce lots of live productions and also on the virtual sets. i watched the demonstration on it and it really has a lot to offer.i know it is a good hardware and will help me achieve a lot in my production

      but in addition iwill like to have reviews on it especially from users or those that have purchased it or used it before.

      thank you

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      Check out the Black Magic Design TVS, ATEM 1 M/E or 2 M/E. I use the BMD ATEM 1M/E and the BMD Hyperdeck for recording and instant replay. I also use the BMD HDMI to SDI converter boxes (camera HDMI to SDI for long cable runs ~300-900 feet). I am very pleased with the BMD ATEM1 so far. I had considered NewTek but the BMD productsprices fit the budget much better and by far at least so far has fit the bill. The only thing is I had to build my own on screen overlay graphics (no big deal).

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      Okay, thank you Jeff for responding, I will check out the product and compare the features based on what I want to achieve.

      But one quick question; does the BMD ATEM1 also run virtual sets live.

      Thank you


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      Hi Grace,

      The ATEM switchers are really quite different than TriCaster. TC offers ISO recording on multiple channels, the live streaming of course, and live set technology. Other solutions may offer just keying, but that’s a lot different than Live Sets. And TC offers the dual DDRs for playback of video and overlays. I believe ATEM is limited to playing only very short segments from memory, a couple of seconds for transitions/stingers.

      If you are mainly interested in portable switching only, then ATEM is an economical choice.

      Jeff Pulera
      Safe Harbor Computers
      Newtek dealer

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      We are currently selling our Tricaster 850 for $20,000, fully loaded with the latest software. It's been used only once. The unit is fully functioning, and we are in the process of upgrading to the new Tricaster 8000. We are a media/marketing firm in Phoenix serving Maricopa County and beyond.



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