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      I am thinking about making a local News studio in my town, right now it will be just me and one friend. I am going to be the host and my friend is going to shoot outside. I wantlocal business to suport this project wich means that I will be charging money to placean ad at the starting point of a each clip.My question is … if i want to show some international news like… mm.. something about China for example, can I use footage from other tv station like ABC placing some type of text on the footage? I seen that many times but I don’t know how that work’s. I hope some body can help

      Thank you

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      The various stations, or whomever acquires the footage (audio & video) owns the rights and using any of this footage without their express written consent will be copyright violation of the worst kind. Their attorneys will be either jumping all over you, or at best sending you an immediate cease and desist notice. I suspect that any other news source will not take kindly to the use of their footage or materials by any competition – web, cable cast or broadcast.

      Your best bet would be to cover local events with your own crew, as you indicated doing, and not even bother trying to compete with national or international news – there are already plenty of sources for that on the web, over the radio, cable and broadcast, even print, so it isn’t likely you are going to hook anyone based on your regurgitation of news outside your immediate area of coverage.

      Local news is what gets overlooked for the most part by the big boys, so your best chance is establising STRONG and solid coverage of local goings on instead – chamber of commerce, city council, area police blotter, fires, human interest, etc. This focus would be a LOT more likely to draw traffic, the kind local and area businesses would support through advertising, provided of course you can establish that you have high eyeball levels tuning in on a consistent basis. And, doing your OWN coverage will at least assure that you aren’t violating other production copyrights in the process.

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      You are completely right it’s just that I read some where that you can use footage for information purposes, not fiction or action and you should type some kind off legend on the video.

      Now what do you think about having a LCD Screen on my back tuned on CNN and talking about the same subject. The point of having this, is that I want to have a comedy section about the world most important news.

      Thank you very much for your time EarlC, it’s my first time here at this forum. I been reading your great answers to other members for over 3 hours you really take the time to read and share what you know.

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      I am glad you are here and that you find some of what goes on at Videomaker Forums useful, Lara. Hang around, this is a GREAT community.

      Doing satire or using such material for a spoof or some kind of Saturday Night Live type skit is probably going to pass as fair use. Still, you have to give some serious thought to how you use it and under what circumstances it is shown. In addition to copyright issues, there exists the potential for other legal complaints as well.

      You should really consider having knowedgeable legal counsel regarding footage you intend to use even for informational purposes with or without credits or acknowledgement of copyright ownership without written releases. Everybody is so litigation happy, sometimes rightly so, in this day and age. What is that spoofy news site? Onion something or another, that plays off real world news? I am sure there are ways, but it is paramount that you understand the potential pitfalls before treading on thin ice.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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