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      Sabre The Wolf

      Hi there, i’ve been making music videos on and off for a few years now. I take popular or unpopular movies and songs and put them together to try and see if they work. I have been frustrated lately with the lack of responses or feedback I get from youtube when I post my work there. I was simply wondering if this was, or if there is, a forum that you can post your youtube videos on and get professional feedback to said videos. Thank you. :3

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      Sabre you found the right place. Post your videos in this forum and the community will happily give you their feedback. Feedback here (well, this is Videomaker) are more about video production, camera angles and among other technical recommendations. Feel free to post your videos anytime.

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      There is so much stuff on YouTube that yours is lost in the noise. I think you need to create a list of those you think might be interested and send them the link. Otherwise they will never know it exists. Basic marketing 101.


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      Sabre The Wolf

      Oh. Cool. Now, I was wondering, what section would I use for that exactly? I see you have a videos online section, but I didn’t see any content there that looked similar to mine.. I don’t want to post mine in the wrong section is all ^^;

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      You could use the Showcase under Off-Topic.

      It is for “Share your videos with the world! Get exposure and some tips for making better video.”

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      Sabre The Wolf

      Well then, thank you! ^^

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      Grinner Hester

      Make original stuff. Pirating elements for experience is fun and all but it’s not that entertaining for folks to watch.

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