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      Hello all,

      I’m a monster newb of the newbiest degree.

      I’m trying to shoot a music promotional video (of myself) largely by myself. I can’t afford to do it with professionals, but I’m willing to spend the time and sweat to make it look as professional as I can. I want the video to convey multiple live performances, so my plan is to film myself at various open mic venues. Within these venues, I’ll be multi-track recording the audio (I just bought some killer equipment, so hopefully I can use it to its full potential) and I want to use two cameras. Bear in mind, they’ll be poor quality, run of the mill dv cameras (think Canon zr200’s or something — I’ll have to borrow whatever cameras I’m going to use, by the way). With these limitations in mind, I’ll start with the questions:

      I plan on using one camera for wider shots, the other for close-ups (mostly facial). What sort of shots / angles should I be taking? The live concert dvds I’ve seen have crazy sweeping, crane driven shots and behind the stage angles and what not. Given my complete lack of experience (and the lack of experience of whatever poor schmoes I rope into working the cameras) but not forgetting that I want it to look professional (therefore, “interesting”), what should my approach be? Should I use tripods on both cameras, or keep one free to switch locations and angles throughout a song?

      How can I account for the low lighting I’ll most likely run into at these venues? Getting shots of the audience is not very important to me, so everything will be focused toward the stage, which will probably have some form of lighting.

      On these basic dv cameras, should I turn Auto focus off? Any other settings I should worry about, besides taking off the lens cap (I’ve heard that’s important… ;)?

      As far as editing, what sort of transitions should I use, if any at all? It is my newb instinct to load it with silly rotating 3d cubes and lucas wipes, but I’ll listen to you guys πŸ™‚ I’ve read I should edit on the beat and divide up lyrical lines or important sub sections — that sounds like good advice to me. Should I use cross-fades? Bear in mind, I’ll be cutting between different venues and songs.

      Since I’ll be using 2 different, borrowed cameras, the pictures will look slightly different, any tips you can offer on making them look more similar (I’ll be using Premiere 7.0 for post)?

      Any answers are greatly appreciated, and if you think of any other pointers you can give me, please share them as well. Thanks for reading,


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