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      Sorry if this is obvious to you.

      I have a network I would like to edit on one PC and Render on another, (Speed reasons)

      Are thereintermediatefiles post Edit, that I can copy across and Render on the faster PC?

      I aslo have a Giga Network with a 2 Tb Network store.

      Any Ideas pleaase.


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      Sony Movie Studio HD doesn’t look like it has support for Network. If your other computer has Movie Studio HD installed, then you can render it in a faster, “more raw format” like AVI and send it over for re-rendering.

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      Thank you.

      I am thinking ofdoingthat rather than upgrade the PC to a new motherboard and CPU.

      Is there a list of file types used by Vegas?

      Your idea of doing an AVI then re-rendering is a nice idea.

      I have a network drive and was thinking of doing the edit on this machine, store the data on the network drive then, do the Render on the faster media PC?

      What do you think?

      Thanks again


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