NewBlue? MagicBullet? Both?

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Hello to all you elite Sony Vegas Pro (10 & 11) users out there ! Does anyone have an opinion onNewBlueFX and / or Magic Bullet? I looked through the extensive product lists of bothwebsites and I was wondering what the seasoned pros think about: end result, ease of use, learning curves. BTW - I have some NewBlue software, but I have not used them yet. Thanks!

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I'm a huge fan of the magic bullet stuff. Never messed with the NewBlue. I have the suite that includes looks as well as colorista 2. It is incredible what you can do with those plug ins. Looks takes a while to render. I tend to use colorista for a lot of the simple grading since it's not near as processor intensive. Here's an example of magic bullet colorista in use. They also used RGrains film grain overlays.

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Ophelia -

I have a few NewBlue products - as a rule they are simple to use and work well.

I also have the version of MB Movie Looks that came with Vegas+DVD 6 (what they called the pro version then). I keep version 8 installed since that works with it (Pro 11 does not) and for what it does it's great albeit SLOW.

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