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      Guys i need some help with newblue fx system requirements

      my system configuration is

      • Intel Pentium(R) Dual Core 2.50GHZ
      • 2GB ram (DDR2)
      • Nvidia Geforce GT 520 2gb
      • Windows Xp service pack 2
      • and i have Sony Vegas pro 9 (32 bit version)

      i need NEWBLUE FX to edit videos so i was wondering with above system config (WINDOWS XP SP2) and with Sony vegas pro 9 32 BIT VERSION, will newblue fx (such as motion effetcs, art effects) WORK in my sony vegas or not ?

      PS: i tried a lot to find the above question’s answer on the internet but i didnt got any satisfying answer so please guys help me and please try to give some detail info.

      thank you

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    Why not contact NewBlue directly and ask them:

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    I use the new blue plugins but as I understand, they will only work in Vegas 10 or 11 because these are the only versions that include openFX which will allow the plugins to work

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    i contacted the around 4-5 days ago but i still didnt get any answer from them yet.

    So any one here can answer my above question will be really helpful.

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    Try calling – (858) 551-5145

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