Newblue causes vegas freeze

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      I recently installed Newblue FX package and when i tried to open Sony Vegas 9 & 10 they both got stuck on “Initializing directx plug ins” or something similiar to that, well i deleted the folder where the effects were in and both of the vegas versions started running fine.. I’m just wondering that how can i keep the effects and make vegas work?


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      well try to find out if your system specs cansupportthe new blue effects
      i run win 7 an thy run just fine in 10 and 11

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      Are you saying the vegas gets stuck on the direct x plug ins on the Vegas splash when you first open vegas?

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      On my computer tapping the space bar several times gets me past all that. This was brought up in another forum when 9 came out. some said hitting enter helped as well. If that is your problem there.

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