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      I’ve been a serious video hobbiest for a few years, mostly family events and a couple weddingd for friends. I’m seriously thinking of getting into wedding videography as a vocation (part time at first to test the waters) and have some questions. This forum seems to be a great resource and your input would be invaluable.

      1. The practical question first: For someone with adequate experience (which I need to build) , do you feel this field is saturated or is there enough work to make a good living at it? By this, I mean $40 – 60k a year (the high end is what I make at my “real” job now and I couldn’t take too big of a financial hit).

      2. For good start-up equipment, any suggestions? Here’s what I’m leaning toward:
      – 2 Sony PD170 videocameras (1 for unmanned video and 1 for moving shots)
      – 1 good fluid head tripod & a monopod
      – 1 good wireless mic
      – Lighting?
      – PowerMac Dual 2 GHz G5 wih 128 video ram, 1 gig or RAM, and final cut pro/DVD Studio Pro (I’m a longtime Mac afficianado and have this setup already) for video/aude editing and DVD production
      – High end VHS recorder for tape transfers if needed

      3. Suggestions on getting started? My thought is to solicit 2-3 free jobs when I get the right set-up through direct contacts and a website, then look at market pricing as my experience increases.

      Thanks for any advice!!!

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      Thanks for the information. I was hoping to get the straight dope from someone in the business. Anyone else have similar experiences?

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      I would agree with Hank! There are alot of people doing some of the same vid! You do have to find ways to differ from the pack!

      Hey Hank I got a question for you. You said you use 3 camera’s. Are all your camera’s the same (Panasonic DVC-7). How would you rate this camera?

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      Cool Hank!!! LOL about the duct tape! But hey however you use your camera to shoot is cool with me! I’m a big believer in doing things the way I want to do them. Clients don’t know all of our tricks so as long as their satisfied it’s all good! Appreciate the insight!!!

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