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      I recently was approached by a friend and asked to help record a large event for her and she wants it made into a DVD. I used two cams to record the one event. Everything went fine there, but now I have to make the DVD and I am looking for suggestions.

      The event had some singing and mostly dancing and other active things like that. I want to be able to edit the video such that I can switch from one cam to the other. I am not sure how I am going to match the video and audio perfectly when I switch. I have already talked to some people here and there. Most people say to use either Pinnacle Studio or Adobe Premiere Pro. I was looking at Adobe Premiere Elements, but I dont think that can handle multicam.

      What I had planned was to capture with "windv.exe" or Adobe and do all the editing with Adobe. As of now, I am downloading the tryout version of Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 and I am hoping it doesnt leave out some of the good stuff. Also, a lot of my friends tell me that adobe is hard as hell to use and that it is probably not the best application for such a simple thing I am trying to do and probably too hard for a beginning like me.

      I am just looking for some feedback here.

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      I do two camera shoots and edits for all events. Ideally, a live switcher would save time, but you’re screwed if it’s not perfect. I load both cameras tapes into the Applied-Magic editor(real time capture) and drop A camera and B cameras footage onto the storyboard with the A/B roll transition between them. Next, find a visual or audio frame common to both A and B to synch to. Once you have a common synch point, you can play the footage and do a "live A/B switch, or shuttle to the next transition point and do the switch. You can go back and fix mistakes or change the transition properties. When you are happy with the A/B roll points, simply select generate.(about 5 or 10 seconds to generate) This replaces the two original footage clips with a new storyboard layout showing all the consectutive A and B clips with the transitions between them. Drop bars, some black, titles, and your done. There isn’t any rendering, so it’s ready to master out to the DVD. Way easy!

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      I have the perfect solution for your multicam editing problem. I have an easy to use NLE for sale with point and click speed for multi-cam edits.
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      I’m not sure how much money you want to spend on editing software but Avid Liquid has a REALLY cool multicam feature. Here is a link to a demo of how it is done….



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