newbie w GL2 & MA-300 only gets LEFT channel audio

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      Yes, that does confirm… obviously the "prettiest" solution would be to buy a whole ‘nother mic, but that sure seems like overkill to get stereo. I guess I’ll just do it in post. Thanks for the response…

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      I’ve searched many posts, but still need help: I have a GL2 which I’ve used fine with built-in mic for six months, but now I’m needing to do some outdoor interviews and find that the built-in mic ain’t cuttin’ it. So I bought a Samson UHF lav setup (UM1/UT1) and an MA-300, plugged everything in, and everything’s GREAT, except… as the Samson unit’s OUT is only coming into one channel of the MA-300, I’m only getting audio on one side.

      Did I buy the wrong gear? Is there a way to make the stuff I bought work, i.e., get it onto both L&R channels? Obviously I guess I could get a splitter to just take the signal out of the Samson into BOTH channels of the MA-300. Is that a practical solution? I’m not worried about whether it’s stereo at this point, I just want a clean signal on both sides.

      Or is there a way to do this inside the camera (apparently not, but I haven’t fiddled too much with audio).

      OR… is it better to fix this in post? (I use FCE/HD, so I guess there’d be a way to do it there, or in Soundtrack or some other gizmo, but I’m not sure.)

      Thanks for any help. My quick look-see tells me there’s a lot of experience ’round here…

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      The reason that you’re getting left channel only is because the MA-300 puts one of the xlr channels into the "left" channel, and the other xlr goes into the "right" channel. If you switch the xlr connector to the other jack, you’ll see that all of a sudden the audio is now in the right channel.

      The only way around this is to either convert your audio track to mono, or to copy the left channel into the right.

      Microphones are mono, so unless you have two mics, one plugged into each jack, you wouldn’t get stereo sound anyway.

      DOes that help any? πŸ™‚

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