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      Hey Guys,

      I’m new here and new to this whole production/video editing thing.

      I have a background in web/graphic design, internet marketing & copywriting.

      I’m looking to add Video Production to make me the “Triple Threat”.

      the deal… I have a (some-what) good grasp of camera angles, I also
      have (at least I think I do) a pretty good understanding of the
      “terminology” and understand what B-Roll, Close Up Shots, Extreme Close
      Up Shots, Medium Shots, Medium Long Shots, Long Shots & Extreme Long
      Shots are. I also know and understand what the differences associated
      with Transitions. I can tell you what the differences are between wipes
      and fades for example.

      I’m not really looking to take on shooting corporate events, weddings, etc…

      target market is “Internet Marketers”. I’m looking to niche myself as a
      product sales video creator. So I’m not really looking at doing ” on
      site” shoots, more like in studio and or green screen” shoots.

      Here is what I currently have as far as equipment and software to work with:

      1. Sony HDR-XR500V Camcorder w/ Wireless Remote

      2. Tripod

      3. HP 2.4 Ghz System 6 GB physical Memory, 2 GB ATI Radeon Video Card

      5. 42 inch LG HD LED TV as my monitor

      6. Wacom Intuous 4 Tablet,

      7. 3 Ext. Hard Drives: (1. 3 TB Ext. Drive 2. 2 TB External Firewire Drive 3. 250 GB Portable External Drive)

      8. Blue THX Studio Condenser Mic. w/ Pop Filter


      1. Adobe CS5.5 Master Collection Suite (Includes Adobe Premier Pro & After Effects).

      <address>2. The entire collection from Video Copilot “Ultimate 10 Pack”</address>

      3. Red Giant’s (Magic Bullet Suite, TrapCode Suite, Keying Suite & Effects Suite)

      Have a make shift “blue screen” but looking to buy a “green screen” soon.

      was wondering, which one was better “green or blue” and why. Also which
      one would be best to use to ensure the least amount of spillage issues.

      final note: “I’m EXTREMELY “Coachable & Trainable”, so if you tell
      me to do something I’ll do it (within reason of course).

      also, if you need more information or have other questions, Don’t hesitate to ask!

      Looking forward to hearing back from y’all soon,

      Take care,

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      Hi there,

      No matter which color screen you use you will find that Premier Pro does a really nice job of keying and handling spillage. The Ultrakey effect, found in the video effects folder in the keying sub-folder is the best option in my opinion. Combined with the Eight Point Garbage Matte you will have great control and with some practice get some great results. I am currently teaching myself how to use these features and finding them to be fairly easy to operate once you get your head around the basics. Good luck with it.

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       Lacson, welcome. I hope that you find this a friendly and helpful site. I’m sure that others will chime in here so I will add my .02. If you are shooting in studio especially green/blue screen, you will need lights. You will find lots of discussions on this site about lighting. Chck out three point lighting and lighting for green screens. Keep shooting.

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      Hey Dave & Vid-e-o-man,

      Thanks so much for the info, and the welcome!

      I’m surprised no-one else has anything to say on the topic.

      I was sure it would have sparked a barrage of opinions, comments and information.

      Oh well, can’t win them all

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      Adobe purchased Serious Magic a few years ago and got their product Ultra, which was a great keying program. I believe they have incorporated that technology into Premiere Pro (CS 5 or later).

      That said, I have done some decent chromakeying in Sony Vegas and as Dave already said, they color you use to key is not the issue – They use green or blue since it is easier to NOT have those colors in what you’re recording that you want to remain. I have successfully keyed off black, white, grey, yellow and beige as well as blue & green.

      As for which color to purchase, I don’t know how large a background you need but there are smaller fold up versions (7′ x 5′) that have both blue & green (like this – – there are plenty out there – do a search)

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