Newbie: VHS tapes to DVD? What is needed?

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      I just bought a DVD burner. I have many VHS tapes of piano playing I would like to tranfer to DVD. There is talking and commercials that I would like to cut out when editing before burning to DVD. Could someone tell this newbie exactly the easiest way to do this? Someone told me to use Moviemaker that comes with XP and just run from the VCR into the computer. Others told me that cannot be done. I don’t have a lot of $$ as I am on disability and cannot afford a lot. I would appreciate anything anyone can offer to help me with this as far as instuctions, equipment requirments, and software suggestions that will do the above. Thanks in advance for your help.


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    you cannot simply plug in a vcr to a computer. You must either use a ‘pass thru’ through a camera that can hook up to a computer, or use a converter such as the Canopus ADVC series converter. Most people on these forums use software like Adobe, or Final Cut, or Vegas. there are ‘lite’ programs of those versions for around $100 that would be more than sufficient. Moviemaker may do what you need as well, I do not know about it as I use one of the aforementioned software packages. you will need to keep in mind, when you capture the video to the computer, the file size of uncompressed digitial video (.avi file) is 13 gigabytes per hour. you will want to capture to that format and then edit the file down (cutting out commercials, etc.) then render that file to a mpeg file for burning to a dvd. you will have to consult a bit rate chart for your dvd to set the best possible compression rate for the amount of video you will put on a single dvd. Good luck.


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    You mentioned a VCR S-Video output on your last post. I have been searching for a VCR with this and I have had no such luck. Mostly what I am finding are that VCR’s are extinct and the DVD/VCR combo’s are the only options. I know that the few combo units I have seen only play the DVD through the S-video output. The VCR side is limited to the analog output. I even looked at B & H and even the higher priced ($300 and up) didn’t specify this output option.

    Do you know specifically which one’s offer S-Video out?


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