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      I was previously using Nero 6 for all of my video editing, CD & DVD creation, etc., but it quit working and the Nero people have been unable to give me a "fix" for it (the program opens and then says "Nero(xxx) has encountered a problem and needs to close", etc.)

      ANYWAY, after 4+ months of wrestling with the problem and no resolution in sight, I’m needing to get another program to replace Nero 6. I’m looking for recommendations on something (anything!) that will do all of the stuff that Nero 6 did, but it’s almost impossible to wade through the different program specs, etc. of everything that’s out there.

      Any recommendations from anyone who has used Nero 6 and has switched to something else would be appreciated! Thanks in advance…..

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      Thanks for the response, Hank.

      Yeah, the Nero people have had me jumping through hoops, sending them all kinds of info and diagnostic results to see if they can figure out what the problem is. As you surmised, I can’t use the System Restore as it was too long ago when this happened.

      Nero was *perfect* for what I was doing, plus I was very familiar with it. But, I think it’s a "dead issue", since even the Nero people can’t figure out what’s wrong. I was just hoping to find a similar program with most or all of the same features and give that a try.

      The weird thing is that most of the Nero programs within Nero 6 will still work, with the exception of Recode, Vision Express, BackItUp, and Start Smart. The two critical ones that I must have operational are Recode and Vision Express.

      I have tried the free trial of Sony Vegas, but it’s got a couple of glitches as well. Sony’s tech support told me to check different things (IRQ’s, latest drivers, etc.) but that didn’t help. So, I’m still looking. Let me know if you hear of any good programs. Thanks….

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