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      I’m soon to start my first attempts at video editing. But there is something I’m in need of clarification about in simple A-B-C terms if you please.
      I have a camcorder that can do high-def video and a TV that is high-def capable. So for my own viewing purposes, I would want my video editing output to be HDV.
      But what do you do if you want to create an edited video output for friends to watch on their own TV which is not high-def capable? They do have a DVD player hooked to their TV. Is the answer to create a DVD for them? Is the video format on a DVD the same regardless if the original video editing input was HDV or DV?
      Please help clear my confusion. Thanks!

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      There are no DVD players that are readily available that can handle video at high def resolutions. So when you make a DVD it will look the same as if you shot the footage in DV. That’s what makes HDV so great. In the future there will be blu-ray/ HD-DVD players that will be able to show high def video from a DVD in all of it’s glory. There are ways to make a high definition DVD but it would only be able to play on really fast computers. Probally not worth your trouble. A standard DVD will be just fine for your friends TV.

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