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      I recently got a Canon Vixia HF S10 and am using it with Final Cut Pro. I’ve learned a lot looking things up online although I don’t entirely understand them (for example…I changed the settings to prores, but I’m not so sure why, I compressed to a quicktime movie and entered new settings that meant nothing to me because thats what I supposedly had to do in order to post it HD on to vimeo.) But at least I know what to do even if I don’t know why…..question one…is there someplace onlinethat actually explains compression settings and teaches you when to use what settings on FCP orusing themac compressor. I’ve found tutorials that give you a recipe of what to do, but they don’t really try to explain why its necessary. It’d be nice to be able to learn what every setting means so that I can use my own judgement for specific situations and not have to look up the compression setting recipe.

      Question two: (the probably more naive question) I’ve seen on this board people saying that hooking up a camcorder to a computer through a usb or firewire can burn out the connection overtime and to use a deck for this purpose. What exactlyis a deck, where would I get one, and what type of deck do I get (if there are a lot of different options)?

      Thanks for any help as always!

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      “is there someplace onlinethat actually explains compression settings and teaches you when to use what settings on FCP orusing themac compressor”

      Hmm….sounds like something good for me to write about since I’ve been horrible at keeping up with my blog.

      Look up the difference between Long GOP and I-frame compression. Some cameras record Long GOP based formats, such as HDV and XDCam, while others record I-frame based formats, like DVCPro HD.

      I-frame codecs are more edit friendly, but Long GOP takes up less hard drive space.

      Your camera, if I remember correctly, shoots HDV. So converting to ProRes gets you out of Long GOP compression (and there are some other benefits as well). When you compressed for the web, you probably converted to a codec that DOES use Long GOP compression. so it was a smaller file size and more web friendly.

      ….that should get you off on the right foot, at least until I write more about it on my blog

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      oops…didn’t answer your other question.

      Umm, sure I guess you could burn out the FW or USB ports. That’s not very common in my opinion though. The reason you want a deck is because you can wear out the heads if you have a tape based camera. A deck is more robust. And a deck is just another term for VTR. We just say deck because we like to confuse people and make ourselves feel smart. We’re such decks aren’t we?

      The type of deck you want depends on the type of tape you recorded. There are decks for Beta tapes, DVCPro HD tape, miniDV tape, whatever. Here’s a link to B&H:

      If you are recording to solid state media, i personally don’t think it’s THAT big of a deal to use your camera to ingest. It’s nice to have a card reader if you’re shooting out in the field and need an assistant to offload footage while you continue shooting.

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      thanks – I need a few hours/days to digest your answer to my first question – and thanks for the answer to the ‘deck’ question. I don’t use tapes, so I guess that’s something I don’t really need to worry about! Thanks again –

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