Newbie Question. Audio/HD Video over FireWire or?

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      Greetings to all who read this and an ahead of time thank you for those that respond.

      After month of dinking around with PC programs for video editing I finally went to a Macbook. Mainly because of the portability. VERY glad I did cause the Mac hasn’t crashed once. Anyway my question is this.

      I have a new Canon HV20 that I will be using with the Firewire cable to go directly into my Macbook. But I am not going to run the audio through the camera so I have decided to go to a seperate mixer. All my audio will be voice. I have made my decision on the Alesis Multimix. Now the question comes into play do I bring the audio in over Firewire through a powered hub or use a USB connection? (my Macbook only has 1 Firewire port)

      Can the single Firewire port on my Mac handle both the HD Video and the Audio if I am merging the 2 through a hub without losing any one’s or zero’s?


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