Newbie Question about downloading Plug-ins and graphic software...

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Hello, I'm interested in creating an instructional video with Vegas Video 7.0 . What I need help with in the instructional video is that when a technique is taught, that the name of the tech pop up on the bottom, but rather than just putting text, I would like some sort of animated graphic, like a bar or other long shape, and then the name over it.

Something like this image:

I know I can go into adobe and create my own then paste it... but I'm hoping there is some sort of software I can download that has a bunch of already made graphics that I can choose from, whether they are static images or animated. Either an independent software or a Vegas Video 7.0 plug-in.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it!

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What you are describing is called a "Lower Third". You can get a few free one here:



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I'd recommend you check out the VASST collection of plug-ins. Some time back I downloaded a free Vegas plug-in designed to use several collections of lower third graphics they sell. But it came with several free samples and they worked well enough. I'm kinda vague on recalling the details since I discovered Digital Juice and their themed graphic collections.

Check out for all things Vegas, and most other NLE's now. And check out to see the tremendous variety of graphic enhancements available at reasonable rates.

Good luck & happy editing.