Newbie Question about downloading Plug-ins and graphic software...

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Hello, I'm interested in creating an instructional video with Vegas Video 7.0 . What I need help with in the instructional video is that when a technique is taught, that the name of the tech pop up on the bottom, but rather than just putting text, I would like some sort of animated graphic, like a bar or other long shape, and then the name over it.

Something like this image:

I know I can go into adobe and create my own then paste it... but I'm hoping there is some sort of software I can download that has a bunch of already made graphics that I can choose from, whether they are static images or animated. Either an independent software or a Vegas Video 7.0 plug-in.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it!

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What you are describing is called a "Lower Third". You can get a few free one here: