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      Greetings . .

      I am in the final stages of acquiring an A.A.S. in Visual Communications, and am definitely leaning towards video production / multimedia. I am not in a position to purchase a decent camera right now, but my local camera store rents two models relatively cheap. Can someone give me their professional opinion on which one to go with? The first one is a Sony TRV-17, and the other is a Canon Elura 50. They are both the same price to rent.

      I already have Final Cut Studio Pro running on a dual core G5, which put me in the poor house as it is. Plus this will enable me to experiment before shelling out the bucks for a nice camera.

      So thats it. I look forward to "virtually" meeting all of you, and thank you in advance for any suggestions.

      Best regards,

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      Get the Sony, the sony model is a higher quality, and more xpensiv camera, so if the rental price is the same. You could easily buy something like the Elura as it (and the TRV) is a consumer camera. Eluras are only a few hundred. What is the rental price, are these the only 2 they offer?

      That being said you will not be getting a good prefessional experience with either of these cameras.

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      Thank you for the reply. The rental price is $39.95 a day ($49.95 on the weekends), and yes those are the only two models available. I guess I am really looking for something to give me decent output so I can experiment with Final Cut Studio. Once I get comfortable with the software, I plan on purchasing a nice high end camera.


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