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      Hello all,

      I have been into video editing for quite some time (I’ve edited 25 – 30 personal music videos for family and friends), and I would like to start shooting weddings for business. A few questions I was hoping some of you could help meout with-

      I currently have a Sony HDR HC3, a high end consumer level camera. I dont know a whole lot about Cameras, but I do know that it is minidvd format. In order to put out a quality professional product, Is it absoultely essential to upgrade to a 3ccd prosumer level Camera? Im guessing my best bet would be get a 3ccd camera, and use my sony as a second device.

      Also, the only editing software I have ever used is Video Explosion Deluxe. I know its an amateur, consumer level program, but aside from not being able to create a “menu” on the DVD, it does absolutely everything I have ever needed, and Ive been able to create some fascinating videos. How important is it to upgrade here, considering my ultimate goalisto charge 4 – 6 hundred dollars for a project? (I realize I will need to shoot a few freebies to help learn the system and and learn from my mistakes), Ive tried the Sony Vegas and I absolutely hate it, and Ifcurrently do not have the funds to spend 500 bucks on a high end program.

      thanks for any advise or answers!


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      you camera should be ok, it’s hdv, gonna have good resolution there. As far as quality, I guess that depends on how you shoot. I am sorry you didn’t like vegas, maybe you didn’t spend enough time learning it. I absolutely love Vegas, it does everything I need it to without lockups and failures. Most NLE’s have there ‘studio’ versions available for relatively inexpensive prices. I would really look into a package that gives you the ability to do things like color correction, compositing, audio correction, dvd authoring in order to get better results than amateur programs will give.

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